photo: Kurt Engström NSD

I often choose to recycle used objects when creating, but my art can also spring from wood, glass, enamel or really anything else, depending on circumstance and premise. Materials that break and reflect light, hence giving optical effects, are often featured in my projects.
   Concrete has also come to be something of a speciality of mine, as I hold regular courses in the use of this particular material.

Dream Projects
To design the interior decor of a church or other sacred place. I want to create a soothing and contemplative atmosphere, where people can seek peace and regain energy in an artistically shaped milieu.
   The ultimate location for many of my works would be somewhere people spend long periods of time. Sacred places; mourning grounds; waiting rooms. Perhaps even airports and railway stations.

To fashion a big, freely hanging mobile out of optical lenses, with the purpose of being displayed in the entry hall of a figure skating palace.
The things I’m surrounded by are of great importance to me, especially in moments and phases of my life that hold a lot of emotional weight. Objects become silent witnesses and symbols of events, feelings and experiences.
    When my desire is to tell a story through a sculpture or an art installation, I often use these meaningful objects, organised into patterns, surfaces and shapes.
    I am a slow person, slow in thought, expression and emotion. This is also reflected in my art – I work with slow-art.
    With my work I hope to create meditative places and environments that give room for rest, consideration and contemplation.